Team PRIDE contracts with Taekwondo instructors nationwide to offer Karate for Kids classes to low-income and at-risk children. Team PRIDE vouchers are available to children from low-income families, children in foster care, children who have been abused or neglected, children receiving special educational services or experiencing academic difficulties, and other children referred by clergy, probation officers, police officers, teachers and other professionals.

Team PRIDE offers eligible children vouchers to subsidize their participation in Karate for Kids programs at reduced membership rates. Depending on the family's financial situation, the voucher may cover all or a portion of the child's tuition and rank testing expenses.

Instructors are expected to integrate TEAM Pride children fully into their Karate for Kids program, offering them the complete range of instruction and services. These include rank promotions, leadership training and the use of the Star System to promote positive values and constructive behavior.

If you are a Karate for Kids instructor and are interested in joining our voucher program, please click here.